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Vous êtes un:   Independent Escorte
Âge:   21 ans
Nationalité:   England
Couleur Cheveux:   Brunette
Couleur d'yeux:   Brun
Taille:   167 Cm
Poids:   50 Kg
Buste Mesures:   80
Mesures Taille:   60
Measurements Hips:   80
Services aux:   Hommes et femmes
Prix Premier Heure:   500
Téléphone:   XXXXXXXXXX
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Contact e-mail:   XXXXXXXXXX

Cute, fresh, sweet and stylish, this French beauty will make you lose your head.

Adventurous, open minded, sharp and clever she is always on the move trying to quench her thirst of knowledge.

From a girlfriend for relaxed, sensual evenings, she can transform into a classy lady at a dinner table or into a lusty bombshell for a Jet Set party. Andrea is all women. Andrea is your dream come true!

  English   Spanish   French
  BDSM/Bondage   Outcall   GFE
  Kissing   Bisexual
Mode de paiement accepté
  Cash   Bank Transfer


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1 heure =>500 euro
2 heures =>800 euro
nuit =>2500 euro

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