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Chilly new girl in town

Enregistré le Mar 08, 2017 | Nombre de visiteurs: 188

Vous êtes un:   Indépendant Escorte
Âge:   25 ans
Nationalité:   France
Couleur Cheveux:   Brunette
Couleur d'yeux:   Noir
Taille:   170 Cm
Poids:   54 Kg
Buste Mesures:   90
Mesures Taille:   60
Measurements Hips:   90
Services aux:   Hommes et femmes
Prix Premier Heure:   500
Téléphone:   XXXXXXXXXX
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Contact e-mail:   XXXXXXXXXX
Arrondissement:   1 Arrondissement du Louvre

I truly enjoy being a courtesan and I am the one from personal choice. I do not do it to "make a living", but for an excitement, experience and fun. I just like to live my life to the fullest Whether you are looking for a companion to travel with abroad, an articulate conversationalist over fine dining in Paris or a few hours private company I should hope to be your lady. Make note: I can assure you an evening to remember. I am Chilly, an art student, a part time model, a property developer and possibly your companion. I have a tall slender figure with long flowing brown hair, sparkling brown eyes and a smile that will brighten your day.

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