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Enregistré le Mar 02, 2016 | Nombre de visiteurs: 993

Vous êtes un:   Indépendant Escorte
Âge:   25 ans
Nationalité:   Ukraine
Couleur Cheveux:   Brunette
Couleur d'yeux:   Other
Taille:   172 Cm
Poids:   56 Kg
Buste Mesures:   95
Mesures Taille:   65
Measurements Hips:   95
Services aux:   Les mâles
Prix Premier Heure:   300
Téléphone:   XXXXXXXXXX
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Contact e-mail:   XXXXXXXXXX
À Paris jusqu'au:   01/06/2016

Hello. I am Irina my time starts from hour flowers!
I am available for couple.
I'm y.o, cm tall and have a curvaceous feminine figure. I have long legs, soulful brown eyes and large full lips that love to be kissed. With my beauty, elegance and poise, I am certainly a head turner where ever I go. I keep myself in great shape with daily long walks and some work outs at the gym.
I dress immaculately for every occasion with just the right makeup and look stunning in my day wear casual blue jeans and crisp white shirt, then for evenings out I look exquisite in designer evening wear with high end lingerie .

I just want to say, i am perfect companionship for you, just call not wait!
Your Irina

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